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Email Blocklist: Blocking specific senders in Inbox
Email Blocklist: Blocking specific senders in Inbox

Learn how to block inbound emails from specific email addresses in LeadSimple's Inbox.

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Occasionally you may want to block specific email addresses in LeadSimple's Inbox so emails from those senders do not sync to Inbox.

You can do this by adding them to your Inbox blocklist.

(Note that this will simply prevent emails from these accounts syncing into LeadSimple; the emails may still appear in your connected email account's inbox like Gmail or Outlook.)

How to Block an Email Address

To block an email address, you'll need to navigate to the Inbox Settings.

To do this, either:

  1. Click into the Inbox in the lefthand sidebar and then click the gear icon in the top right.

2. OR you can click "Settings" in the lefthand sidebar, and then click "Inbox Settings".

In the settings page that appears, click the "Email Blocklist" tab in the lefthand sidebar.

Then, type in the email address you want to block and click "Add to Blocklist". The email address will be added to the list below and automatically saved.

To remove an email address from the blocklist, simply click the "X" to remove it.

Once you've done this, LeadSimple will not sync emails to Inbox that are received from this email address.

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