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Syncing Emails from Unknown Senders
Syncing Emails from Unknown Senders

Learn how to sync all emails or only client emails into your Inbox.

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When using LeadSimple's Inbox to manage, organize, and respond to inbound communications, there is a setting to determine which emails will be synced into the Inbox.

You can choose between the following options:

  1. To have only client emails sync into the Inbox

  2. To have all emails sync into the Inbox (note, this setting always excludes emails between two users in LeadSimple to prevent privacy issues)

With the first option, only emails from contacts already in LeadSimple will be synced into your Inbox. This is helpful to filter out non-client communication, but requires that any additional communication be handled separately in the connected email account. (Note that this is the default setting when you connect an email account.)

If you would like all emails to sync in (whether or not the contact is in LeadSimple yet), you will want to select the second option. This is recommended for most shared emails as it will ensure that no email is missed; you can use tags and assignment to redirect those additional messages as needed.

How to Change This Setting

To change this setting on your connected shared email accounts, you'll need to navigate to the Inbox Settings.

To do this, either:

  1. Click into the Inbox in the lefthand sidebar and then click the gear icon in the top right.

2. OR you can click "Settings" in the lefthand sidebar, and then click "Inbox Settings".

In the settings page that appears, click the "Email & Phone Channels" tab in the lefthand sidebar.

To edit the settings for a shared email account, click the gear icon on the right of the email you want to edit.

In the window that appears, you'll see a toggle to turn on the setting to "Sync emails from unknown senders". If you turn this setting on, all emails sent to this shared email account will sync into LeadSimple's Inbox.

Note however, that it will exclude:

  • Emails sent between two users on your LeadSimple account (this prevents privacy issues)

  • Emails sent to this email account from LeadSimple (e.g notifications for tasks)

  • Emails from addresses on your email blocklist

When the toggle is gray and on the left, this setting is OFF and only emails sent from email accounts already in LeadSimple as contacts will sync into the Inbox.

When the toggle is blue and on the right, this setting is ON and all emails sent to this email account will sync into the Inbox.

Make sure to hit save!

Then go and update the settings for any other shared email accounts you have connected.

(Have any questions? Reach out to us via the chat box here or in LeadSimple and we'll be happy to help you out!)

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