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Organizing Conversations In Categories Using Tags
Organizing Conversations In Categories Using Tags

Learn how to use tags to organize your Inbox conversations by team, category, topic and more!

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As you manage your inbound communications in Inbox, you may want to organize your conversations beyond the inbox they are a part of and who they are assigned to.

Depending on how your shared inboxes are set up, these tags may be used for departments, processes, portfolios, common question type, topic, or all of the above.

Tagging your conversations makes it easy to search and filter the Inbox by these categories. (They are especially helpful if you have one shared email account across departments rather than multiple shared email accounts. The benefit to having one shared email account is that the client doesn't have to guess which email to send their inquiry to. Learn more about possible shared inbox configurations here.)

Some examples of categories to include are:

  • Leasing

  • Maintenance

  • Portfolio A

  • Portfolio B

  • Renewals

  • Move Ins

  • Move Outs

  • Complaints

  • Plumbing

  • Accounting

Note that you do *not* need to add tags for:

  • Assignees

  • Properties

  • Contacts

  • Email Inboxes

as these are already easily searchable and filterable in Inbox.

Adding Tags

To add a tag to the list or to add a tag to a conversation, you'll need to click into a conversation from the list.

In the righthand sidebar, you'll see a section named "Tags".

Click the "+" icon to add a tag.

Clicking the "+" icon will pull up a list of all the available tags. You can select one or multiple from the list or add a new tag.

To add a new tag, start typing and the option to "Add New" will appear.

Once you have selected your tags or added a new one, they will appear in the sidebar.

To remove a tag from a conversation, simply click the "X" on that tag.

Filtering by Tag

Once you've added tags to your conversations, you will want to filter your conversation list by those tags.

To filter your list and find conversations that are tagged with certain tags, expand the tag menu in the lefthand sidebar to see all the available tags.

Then check the one(s) you want to filter the list by.

You can also use the open, snoozed, and closed filters as well as the assignee filters to filter the list down further.

How to automatically apply tags to new conversations

Go here to learn how to automatically apply tags to new conversations.

Have any questions? Please reach out via the chat box here or in LeadSimple and we'll be happy to help you out!

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