Pipeline & Process Overviews

Learn how to add an overview to your pipelines and processes to explain the process.

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Use LeadSimple's process overview feature to leave an overview or explainer video on a process or pipeline. This will make it easy for new team members to understand a process quickly and easily, especially if they do not have access to the settings for that pipeline.

It's super easy to add an overview to a pipeline or process type. You can edit them from the overview itself or in the settings for the pipeline or process.

To view an overview, navigate to the process in the lefthand sidebar. Then click the ? icon next to the title of the process in the title bar across the top.

To go to the settings for the process, click the gear icon in the top right.

Here's what the overview window will look like. Notice the edit button in the bottom left - this will only be visible to admins.

If you are in the settings for the pipeline or process, click the "Overview" tab in the lefthand sidebar.

Note that you can format the overview with bullet points, list, headers, links, screenshots, and videos.

Have any questions about process or pipeline overview? Reach out to us in the chatbox in the bottom righthand side of this page, or email us at support@leadsimple.com!

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