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Referral Tracking: Tracking Referred Business

Keep track of the leads you receive from each referral source

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It will be helpful to read the article on "Marketing to Referral Sources", before reading this article if you haven't already.

With referrals, it's critical to keep track of WHO referred you business in the first place. This gives you clarity about how to approach sales conversations with the lead in question, and reminds you who needs to get paid when the contract is signed. LeadSimple makes this... well... dirt simple πŸ˜‰

1. Create a "Referrals" Source

First, follow these instructions to create a source in the pipeline you use to track your "Owner" leads and call it "Referrals" (don't bother to set up auto-import for this).

Every lead that is sent to you as a referral (by a realtor, existing client or someone else) should be marked as coming from the "Referral" source. See below for how to do this when creating a lead manually.

2. Adding the Referrer to a Lead

Tracking the referrer is really easy.

Click on a lead that was referred. Click the edit/pencil icon next to the "Details" of the lead (bottom right). A window will appear with the "+ ADD REFERRER" button close to the top.

Click "+ ADD REFERRER" and search for the contact that referred you this lead. Click "Save" and you'll now see that the "Referrer" is marked with the contact you selected.

You can click the name of the Referrer to navigate to their contact page and see a list of all the leads they have referred to you. Read the article on Rewarding Referrers to learn more ways referral tracking is made easy with LeadSimple!

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