6. Tracking Calls in Processes

Learn how to track calls in processes.

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Track calls automatically in the activity for a process (and record the call if call recording is turned on) by using LeadSimple's call tracking feature.

Here's what happens when you make a call from a call task:

  • LeadSimple will call you at the number you choose

  • Pick up the call (this call will be from (833-973-1545). It will say "press one to call".

  • Press one and your phone will dial the owner/tenant

  • LeadSimple will then track the call and call recording in the activity for the process!

To do this, click the green call icon on the right side of the task.

This pulls up a call window where you can choose the settings for the call.

  1. First, select the number you would like LeadSimple to call you at.

  2. Then, select your caller ID. This can be your LeadSimple number, your office line, or the number you are calling from.

  3. Finally, confirm that the call to number is correct and click call!

And there you go! That's how call tracking works in LeadSimple!

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