2: Creating a Process Type

Learn how to add your first process type.

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The first step to building a process is to create your first Process Type!

All your Process Types will be located under the Processes tab in the lefthand sidebar. When you click on a process type, you will see all the processes in that type, both past and current.

To add a new process type, click the "Add Process Type" button under the Processes tab in the lefthand sidebar.

It will take you to the Library, where you can choose between one of our templated processes or create your own custom process type. (Watch the video above to walk through how to start with a template or follow these instructions to create your custom process type).

Now, give your process type a name and hit save!

You can now access this process type under Processes in the lefthand sidebar. (If you were redirected to the settings pages, click the "X" in the top right corner to come back to the dashboard page.)

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