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3: Adding Contact Roles

Learn how to define which external contacts are involved in this process.

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Okay, what are Contact Roles? Contact roles define the people outside the company that you will need to contact during this process. For most processes, you will need to contact the owner of the property. For others, you may also need the tenant(s), applicable vendors, the HOA for the property, lawyers (in an eviction process for example), etc.

Adding Contact Roles

To do this, you first need to find the settings for your new process type.

1. Start on the dashboard page for your new process type. Click the gear icon in the top right of the page. (Again, it is recommended that you have this tutorial open in a separate tab so you switch between them easily.)

This will take you to the General Settings tab on this process type.

2. Click "Add Contact Role" and add each contact role you need. For example, in the case of a Move In process, we will need to contact the Owner(s) and the Tenant(s) during the course of this process.

We will be coming back later to select the correct pipelines, so you can leave that empty for now or read below to learn how to map your contact roles to pipelines:

Mapping Contact Roles to Pipelines

In order to have the owner and tenant contacts be automatically added to a process when it is triggered on a property, you will need to tell the system where to look.

1. First, navigate to the General tab under Settings > Process Settings for the Process Type we have been working on.

2. Then, next to each of your contact roles, select a pipeline. (Watch the video above for direction on which pipeline to choose for each process type.)

You can also choose the stage for LeadSimple to pull contacts from in the pipeline you select. For most processes, leave this setting as "All Current stages", but for the Move In process, you will want LeadSimple to pull the contacts from the "Future Tenant" stage.

Now, when you create a process and add the property (as shown in the next lesson), the correct owner(s) and tenant(s) will be automatically added to the process.

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