4: Adding Stages

Learn what stages are and how to add them to your processes.

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What are Stages?

Stages are the major milestones in your process.

Inside each stage will be the series of tasks, or the "workflow", of what needs to happen in the process at this stage.

Adding Stages

1. To add your stages, click on the process type and click the gear icon in the top right to get back to the settings page for your process.

Click Stages & Workflows in the lefthand sidebar.

Note that there are 4 categories of stages:

  1. Backlog (Blue) - These stages are for processes that have been triggered but are on hold for one reason or another.

  2. Active (Orange) - These are the main stages in the process, where most of the workflow steps to complete the process will be built out.

  3. Completed (Green) - When a process is completed, it will go into a green completed stage. This is where you should document all possible ideal outcomes for this process.

  4. Canceled (Red) - When a process is canceled, it will go into one of the red canceled stages. This is where you should outline all possible non-ideal outcomes for this process.

2. To add a stage to a category, click the + button next to the category where you would like to add the stage:

Depending on how complicated your process is, you may need 1-5+ active stages. Occasionally, a stage may only apply to certain properties/owners (such as HOA on-boarding).

The green stages are for the ideal outcome(s) of the process and the red stages are for any negative or less-ideal outcome(s) of the process.

Alright, your stages are added to your process type! (Remember, you can always come back and edit your stages or add more later, so don't sweat it if it's not perfect yet!)

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