5: Adding Workflow Steps

Learn how to add workflow steps to your process.

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Great job, you've added your stages! Next step is to start adding your workflow steps to those stages.

Note that this lesson only covers the basics of adding workflow steps; we'll get into all the other fancy features later. The goal right now is to build the framework.

Adding Workflow Steps

1. Alright, start by navigating to the settings for your process type again and clicking on one of the stages you added in the last lesson!

2. Once you click into the stage, you'll notice that there are 6 tasks types:

  • Email

  • Call

  • Text Message

  • Todo

  • Meeting

  • Create Process (to start the next process that comes after this one!)

Click on a task type to add a task of that type to the workflow.

3. Then add a brief description of the task to each task. In the next lesson, we'll be looking at how to add detailed task instructions to each task in the workflow, complete with bullet point lists, screenshots, and videos. Email templates will come a bit later on.

4. Do this with each stage in the process, including your completed & canceled stages as needed:

Don't worry if the steps seem really basic at this point. We're going to start diving into some more advanced features in the next stage of this tutorial!

You're doing great so far! πŸ‘

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