6: Task Instructions

Learn how to add detailed instructions to your process tasks.

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In this lesson, you will learn how to add task instructions to your workflow steps.

Use task instructions to fully document your process!

  • Add videos, screenshots, and links for the benefit of new team members or if someone goes on vacation!

  • Fill out custom fields while going through the process (more on this later)

  • Add call scripts to call tasks

Adding Task Instructions

1. To add task instructions to a workflow task, locate the task in the correct stage in the settings for your process type.

2. Click the icon on the right of the task:

3. In the window that appears, add your task instructions. Use the formatting bar on the bottom to add screenshots, lists, embed videos , and otherwise format the instructions as you like.

Once you are finished defining the instructions, click save. You can edit the instructions at any time by clicking on the step instructions icon next to the workflow step again. πŸ‘

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