9: Step Delays

Learn how to build delays between steps into your processes

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The default for each step is for it to be due immediately after the step before it is completed. You can customize and change that delay between steps.

Step due dates can even be relative to dates (such as 3 days before the move in date or 90 days before the lease end date.)

Customizing Delays

1. First, locate the step you want to change the delay on.

2. Then click on the delay on the left of the step.

3. Choose the delay you want to set for this step. Note that you can choose between minutes, hours, and days. You can also choose between before/after and the previous step/due date of the process/lease start or end date/or a custom date field like a move in date.

Hit save and now your step will be updated!

Go through your process and add steps delays where applicable!

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