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Integrations: Integrating with Other Softwares via Zapier

Learn how you can use Zapier to easily integrate your LeadSimple with hundreds of other softwares to create your own custom automations.

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Zapier is an awesome third-party tool that allows you to easily and quickly integrate your LeadSimple account with hundreds of other softwares to create your own custom automations. All you need is some basic software skills; no need for a developer!

Why automate?

Using Zapier will streamline your daily work and processes by automating mundane tasks. You can also craft neat automations on the sales side, such as customizable text notifications when a lead opens an email, automatically send physical mailers through Lob, or create new leads in LeadSimple when a lead schedules a meeting through Calendly.

How does it work?

No developer skills are required to create a zap. You simply define and customize the trigger and the action, connect your software accounts, and you're ready to go!

A basic, one-step zap looks like this:

  1. Software A - Trigger (A trigger is the event that triggers the zap. The trigger can be in LeadSimple or another software, or might be an email sent to Zapier to trigger the zap. A couple example triggers: lead schedules a meeting in Calendly, lead opens an email, process changes stage, new lead added to LS, new row added to a google sheet, etc.)

  2. Software B - Action (An action is the subsequent action we want to happen whenever the trigger happens. This can be in LeadSimple or in another software. You can even connect LeadSimple to itself, where both the trigger and the action are both in LeadSimple. A couple example actions: create new lead in LS, send text notification, generate PDF with auto-filled information, change a lead or process stage, send postcards via Lob, etc.)

You can also create more complicated zaps that include multiple steps, filters, and paths. However, these will require a paid Zapier plan. For most zaps, the free plan will suffice.

What kind of zaps can I build?

Here's some zaps that are common among LeadSimple users. (See the full list of available tutorials here).

  • Create new leads from Facebook Messenger (when a new contact reaches out via Facebook Messenger, this zap will automatically add them to LeadSimple as a new lead in the pipeline/stage you define in the zap).

  • Import leads from Calendly

  • Receive text notifications when a lead opens an email (customize a text notification when a lead opens an email so you can call them right away!)

  • Create new leads from Google Sheets (this zap will create a new lead in LeadSimple from each new row in a connected Google Sheet. This is helpful if you often receive leads in bulk in a spreadsheet and don't want to wait for a backend import from our support team. For the occasional spreadsheet, you can format it according to this help doc send it to us at and we will import it for you.)

  • Update leads with info from a JotForm

  • Automatically sending physical mailers to a lead through Lob

  • Triggering stage changes or updating leads from emails from Appfolio, Tenant Turner, and others

  • Connecting LeadSimple with bulk mailing tools such as Constant Contact

Here is our latest webinar on Zapier, where we talk about automation in property management, building zaps, and cover some awesome zap ideas!

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