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Learn how to track calls/texts from and to your JustCall phone number in LeadSimple!

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JustCall is a cloud-based phone system that aims to also integrate with your CRM of choice. Naturally, JustCall integrates with LeadSimple and in this article we'll cover all the juicy details of how this integration works!

#1 What The Integration DOES:

First, and most importantly, the JustCall integration is built to ensure that calls and texts made from your JustCall phone number are tracked on the corresponding lead/customer record in LeadSimple. Inbound calls and texts from your JustCall number are also tracked in LeadSimple on the corresponding lead or contact.

This ensures that LeadSimple, your CRM, retains a full history of communications with each person, even if some calls or texts were initiated outside of LeadSimple using JustCall.

#2 What The Integration DOES NOT Do:

The JustCall integration does not allow you to send automated text messages in your sales and process workflows using your JustCall phone number. When JustCall built the integration with us, they only built it to track calls and texts in LeadSimple, not to send automated texts from your workflows.

However, you CAN send automated texts from your workflows using LeadSimple phone numbers. Learn more here!

Also, the JustCall integration does not allow you to use the Call or Text buttons in LeadSimple to make calls or texts from your JustCall number. Instead it uses a Chrome extension and inserts its own special buttons into LeadSimple for this purpose. I explain this in detail below.

#3 How To Set Up The Integration:

To use your JustCall phone number in LeadSimple, you first have to

  1. Connect LeadSimple to JustCall using your LeadSimple API Key (instructions here).

  2. Install Google Chrome if you don't already use it (the integration also works on Brave).

  3. Use LeadSimple in Google Chrome or Brave in order to use the LeadSimple/JustCall integration.

All of these 👆 steps are required for the integration to work.

#4 Using The Integration:

Once you have connected LeadSimple and JustCall and installed the Chrome browser extension, you will start to see two new buttons next to each Contact in LeadSimple.

To make calls or texts in LeadSimple from your JustCall number you will have to click one of these icons to initiate the call or text.

Clicking one of these JustCall buttons will open the JustCall Dialer where you can place your call or write your text message and send it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Clicking the “Call” or “Text” buttons in LeadSimple will not allow you to make calls from your JustCall number (instead the “Call” and “Text” buttons built into LeadSimple will make calls/texts from your LeadSimple number).

If you’re wondering what these icons will look like, this video from JustCall shows how these icons look in Hubspot, and they should look the same in LeadSimple.

#5 How To Use A LeadSimple Number And JustCall Number Together:

In summary, you can only use JustCall numbers from LeadSimple to make calls and send manual texts, and you have to use the unique JustCall buttons to do so.

LeadSimple phone numbers, however, can be used in LeadSimple to make outbound calls, receive calls, and send manual and automated text messages in your workflows.

Our clients have used both a JustCall number and LeadSimple texting number together with success in the following way:

  • Use the LeadSimple phone number as a text-only number. All your automated texts in your workflows will come from your LeadSimple number, but you won’t pick up any calls you receive at that number. You can record a special voicemail message for your LeadSimple number to tell customers to call your JustCall number instead.

  • Use your JustCall phone number only for making and receiving phone calls. You should use the JustCall buttons in LeadSimple to make these calls / send these texts (not the LeadSimple "call" and "text" buttons)

This approach gives you the benefit of being able to send automated text messages from your LeadSimple phone number in your sales and process workflows, while still using your JustCall number to make calls and take advantage of any other functionality JustCall has that LeadSimple does not.


  • Who should I contact if my integration with JustCall isn't working? - JustCall hosts the integration and Chrome extension, so you should reach out to JustCall first if you are having issues. They will contact us if we need to assist in resolving those problems.

  • Can I make calls from the JustCall number by adding it to my user profile settings? Yes, though this method is not as easy to use and is not our first recommendation when using JustCall. First, navigate to your user profile, and add the JustCall number to the "Phone Numbers" section of the page. To make a call, navigate to a lead, click the "Call" button, select your JustCall number as the "from" number. Click "Call". LeadSimple will then call your JustCall number; pick up and press 1 to call the lead. As you can probably tell, clicking the JustCall phone button on the contact card is a lot easier 😉

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