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Merge Your AppFolio API Data with old AppFolio PMSync data
Merge Your AppFolio API Data with old AppFolio PMSync data

Learn how to merge your existing AppFolio data from the old integration (PMSync) with the data from the new AppFolio Stack™ integration

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Hey there! This article is relevant to you if you integrated your LeadSimple account with AppFolio using PMSync, but recently re-integrated with AppFolio using our direct integration with their API.

If you are a new account just looking to get started with the direct integration, go here!

Why merge my old AppFolio data with the new data from AppFolio's API?

If you are using our new integration with AppFolio Stack™, but were previously using our old integration with AppFolio's scheduled reports, you will likely have a lot of duplicate owners, tenants, and properties in your LeadSimple account. This is because LeadSimple is syncing data from two sources: AppFolio's API and AppFolio's scheduled reports.

You'll want to remove these duplicates:

  1. So they don't fill up your account with irrelevant data and confuse your team.

  2. Because LeadSimple will only receive updates for the AppFolio records that it syncs from AppFolio's API. The old data will not receive updates and will quickly become out of date.

How to merge your old data with the new data

Step 1: First, follow these instructions to update the scheduled reports in your AppFolio account that are sending data to LeadSimple currently (the names of these reports probably start with "PMSync").

Step 2: Next, as an admin on your LeadSimple account,

2: Read the banner at the top of the page. It may say you need to sync your data from AppFolio again before you can merge. If so, follow these instructions to do so.

3: Otherwise, click the "Merge" button that's displayed on the banner

And that's it! You'll get an alert in LeadSimple (and an email) when the merge is finished.

What will happen during the merge?

LeadSimple will merge the old contacts, properties, units, owners, tenants, and vendors that were synced from AppFolio via the old integration with the new data synced from AppFolio Stack™.

It also adds the word "(Old)" to the beginning of the names of your old owner, tenant, and vendor pipelines in LeadSimple so you can differentiate them from the new AppFolio pipelines.

What won't the merge do?

LeadSimple will not do the following things during the merge:

  • It does not delete the pipelines that the old (PMSync) AppFolio integration was using. This allows you to keep them if you want, or transfer saved views and stages to the new owner/tenant/vendor pipelines.

  • It does not copy any workflow steps or saved views from the PMSync pipelines.

  • It does not delete your PMSync integration, it is still there in a paused state. You can delete it yourself by navigating to Settings > Integrations > PMSync.

What if LeadSimple doesn't merge all my old AppFolio data?

Once the merge is complete, you may check your old AppFolio pipelines in LeadSimple and notice some owners, tenants, or vendors that did not merge.

Most commonly, there are some "past" owners, tenants and vendors we are unable to merge. This is because they are hidden in AppFolio, and we are unable to sync hidden owners/tenants/vendors from AppFolio via their API. As a result, we aren't able to merge these old owners/tenants/vendors with the new data from AppFolio's API because we can't sync them from the API.

In this case we recommend you move all the owners/tenants/vendors that were not merged to their new AppFolio pipelines and delete the old PMSync pipelines. Instructions here.

Or, you can try to merge these records manually if you believe some of them are still duplicated in your LeadSimple account. Follow these instructions to do so.

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