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What to do if you hit a rate limit in Zapier
What to do if you hit a rate limit in Zapier

Learn how to avoid hitting rate limits if you have many Zaps or Zaps that run many actions at one time.

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In some cases, your Zaps can hit a rate limit while running, which can slow the Zap or even stop it.

If you encounter this often, you may need to build your zaps with a slight delay to avoid rate limits. Here's how:

What happens when my Zap hits a rate limit?

If your Zap hits a rate limit, you may see this error:

{"error": "Rate limit exceeded for records, please wait 1 minute before retrying"}

Rather than returning a direct error and stopping the Zap Run, Zapier has a process in place (newer to some Zaps) where they will see a 429 rate limiting error from LeadSimple and they will 'throttle/hold' the run, and attempt to retry that step again later. This can be at a set time, however the default retry is after 1 minute.

They don't currently send notification emails when the run is placed in this specific held/throttled status, as at that point they have not run into a hard error that has stopped the Zap Run.

What to do if you hit rate limits often

If you run into rate limits often, it may help to add a Delay after Queue step to the Zap before the Leadsimple actions. The Delay After Queue option allows you to create a queue of actions to run. When a Zap is triggered, it adds actions to the queue. The queue then plays the actions one at a time in the order that they were added to the queue. There is a delay between each set of actions for a Zap. Here is Zapier's help article on this:

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