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Create a professional email signature with the "float" feature
Create a professional email signature with the "float" feature

Learn how to create a professional-looking email signature in LeadSimple.

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As part of a property management company and as a LeadSimple user, you send many emails. So it's important for your email signature to look as professional as possible.

While HTML signatures are not supported yet (vote on the feature request here), there are ways you can customize your email signature, and one of them is by using the "float" feature on images.

How to Set Up a Left-Floating Image in Your Email Signature

  1. Go to your profile settings page in LeadSimple (click on your name in the sidebar).

  2. Add an image of yourself to the "Email Signature" field.

  3. Click the image and select "Left" from the "Float" selector at the bottom of the window that appears.

  4. You can also select "custom width" to customize the size of your picture next to the text of your signature. Adjust it until you're happy!

  5. The picture of yourself will now be nicely aligned with any text, links or contact info you want to add!

If you have questions about how to set this up, please chat us or email and we'll be happy to help you out.

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