1.2 Auto Sync of Property Groups

Learn how property groups work with our direct integrations

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LeadSimple's property groups feature allows you to split your properties into groups or portfolios so you can set up automatic role assignment in your processes. Learn more about property groups here.

Once you've completed the steps below, move on to Step 2 to set up your team auto-assignment based on property groups!

This article explains how property groups work with our direct integrations from AppFolio, Propertyware, RentManager, and Rentvine. If you use Buildium or are still using one of our report-based integrations through PMSync, they will not sync automatically. In that case, to use property groups, you'll need to add them manually.

How do property groups work with the direct integrations?

With the direct integrations, your property groups will sync from your accounting software into LeadSimple and stay up to date as any changes are made over in the PAS (property accounting software). So, to set up your property groups, set up them up in your PAS and wait for them to sync over to LeadSimple (they should sync within an hour).

You can select which property groups you would like to sync from. To do this, go to the Integrations page under Settings in the lefthand sidebar in LeadSimple, click your accounting software, and then click on the integration to open the settings.

Scroll down to the Property Groups section:

For AppFolio, Rent Manager, and Rentvine, simply select the property groups from the list.

For Propertyware, you can choose between syncing management roles or custom fields as property groups:

Note that you cannot rename, add, or remove properties from a group in LeadSimple that has been synced from your PAS. If you need to make changes to a group, do so in your PAS and the changes will be synced over to LeadSimple.

Now you're ready to move on to Step 2!


What happens if I delete a property group in my PAS?

If you delete a property group in AppFolio, it will be deleted from LeadSimple the next time it syncs (within the hour). Note that it will not delete the properties in the group from LeadSimple, only the group.

What happens if I delete a property group in LeadSimple?

If you delete a property group in LeadSimple, it will not be re-synced to your PAS. It will also not delete the property group from PAS, or delete the properties that were in the group in LeadSimple.

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