Starting Processes from the Properties Page

Learn how to start processes from the properties page using property tags and fields.

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You can now start processes in bulk from the Properties page in LeadSimple and not just from the lead dashboards.

This will allow you to filter your list by property fields and start processes based on them. This is especially helpful for maintenance processes.

Start by adding a filter to your properties page.

You can add filters for which pipeline (relationship) the property is connected to, which stage they are in, and any other tags or custom fields on the properties.

(Note that it is currently only possible to filter by property-wide tags and fields, but not unit ones.)

Then select the properties you want to start processes for.

Choose whether you want to start the processes for each property or for each unit you've selected.

Choose which process type you want to start.

Fill out the rest of the info and then click "Save".

And there you have it! That's how to start processes in bulk from the properties page in LeadSimple.

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