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Step 4: How to Set a Custom Default Starting Stage for Processes
Step 4: How to Set a Custom Default Starting Stage for Processes

Learn how to select a custom default starting stage for each process type.

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When you start a process, by default it will select the first active stage. However, you can choose which stage you would like the process to start in (perhaps a backlog stage).

(Note that auto-starting process rules can override the default process starting stage.)

To update the default starting stage, navigate to the process settings. (Settings > Process Settings).

Then go to the "General" tab.

Scroll to the "Default Starting Stage" section and select the default stage you want the process to start in.

This will be the default starting stage for a process that is started manually or by another process. (Such as when a move out process is triggered by a Lease Renewal process - see below).

Overriding the Default Starting Stage with Autopilot Rules

If you are building a Lease Renewal, Delinquency/Late Rent, Move-In, or Move-Out process, you will want to use Autopilot rules to start the process. (More on Autopilot rules here.)

In those cases, you can select a specific starting stage for each rule if needed. Typically however, your process will always start in the same stage regardless of how it is started.

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