2.1 Merging Duplicate User Roles

Learn how to merge your duplicate user roles with the new user roles features.

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(If you've been using processes prior to March 2023, you likely built your processes with team member roles on each process. As of March 2023, these user roles are now a global setting across your account, making them much easier to manage and edit.)

When you transition from the original features to the new global setting, you will likely find duplicates in your account. Here's how to merge them to keep your account tidy without losing any settings you already had set up on processes.

First, navigate to the User Roles & Assignment settings page. (Settings > User Roles & Assignment)

Then review the list for any duplicates. Select the duplicates by checking the boxes to the left.

Then click "Merge". Now, select a role as the winner and click "save".

It will take a moment or two for the roles to merge. (You might need to refresh the page to have it update).

Once you've merged all the duplicates, you can then set up auto-assignment rules!

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