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Getting Started: Autopilot
Auto-Starting Processes
6.1 Recommendations on Auto-starting Processes
6.1 Recommendations on Auto-starting Processes

Learn the best approach to auto-start each type of process.

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Wondering exactly how to auto-start the process you're working on? Should you use Autopilot rules? Should you use automatic create process steps? What about starting the process manually?

Here are our recommendations for all the most common process types.

Use Autopilot rules for these processes:

  • Lease Renewals

  • Delinquencies

  • Move Ins (could also be triggered from the application screening process)

  • Move Outs (could also be triggered from the lease renewal process)

  • Owner Onboarding (from the owner lead pipeline)

  • Property Onboarding (from the Owner Onboarding process)

  • Make Ready (from the Property Onboarding process)

  • Marketing (from the Make Ready process)

  • Applications (from the applicants pipeline)

  • Owner Offboarding (from the Move Out process)

  • Inspections (set a cadence from the end of your move in process using task due dates)

  • Any other processes that are triggered by other processes

Use automatic create process workflow steps to have these processes trigger themselves in a cycle:

  • Weekly/monthly recurring tasks

  • Accounting tasks

  • Any other processes that need to run on a regular basis but aren't connected to a property

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