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Why Didn't My Autopilot Rule Create a Process for a Specific Property?
Why Didn't My Autopilot Rule Create a Process for a Specific Property?

Troubleshooting steps to discover why a process wasn't started as expected.

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Occasionally Autopilot might not create a process for a property, even though you think it should have.

If this happens, there are a couple things to check that could have kept the process from starting:

Missing/Incorrect Rules

First, check your Autopilot rules to be sure that they are correct. Some common mistakes are:

  • Date Rules:

    • Setting dates for the past when you meant them to be in the future (example: lease end date 90 days in the past)

    • Using the wrong date field for the rule (example: using "Future Lease End Date" rather than "Current Lease End Date". The future lease end date will typically be empty until a new tenant is slated to move in.)

    • Using the "equal to" option instead of "more than" or "less than"

  • Currency Rules: setting the delinquency rule as "equal to" instead of "more than"

  • Active Process Rules: including more process types than necessary, accidentally excluding properties that have active processes in those process types

Property Doesn't Match the Rules

Your property also might not match the rules.

  • Active Processes: check to see that you do not already have an active process for this property in one of the processes you selected in your rules or in the process type itself (see below)

  • Property Groups: the property may not be in the property group you have set on the Autopilot rule

  • Dates: the property may not have the field filled out

  • Check each of your rules to be sure that the property matches all the rules exactly

Active Processes for This Property

LeadSimple will not start a process automatically if there is already an active process for that property in the process type!

Filter your process list by the property to see if there are any active processes for this property in that process type. There might be an old process that was never closed out.

For example, if there is an old lease renewal process for this property that is still in an active stage, Autopilot will not create a new lease renewal process for that property.

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