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Why Aren't My Contacts Syncing into MailChimp?
Why Aren't My Contacts Syncing into MailChimp?

Learn more about how syncing works with MailChimp.

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You might occasionally find that certain contacts do not sync as expected into MailChimp. Here's what's going on and how to fix it!

Duplicate Contacts Don't Sync

This issue happens when contacts have duplicates in LeadSimple, with the same email address. If you have one contact on multiple leads in the same pipeline, MailChimp will only sync one of them. That contact will stay up to date with any changes to that lead (stage changes, name updates, tags, etc.)

However, MailChimp will not create duplicate contacts in LeadSimple. That would cause multiple emails to go out to the same email address.

So, if you can't find a contact in MailChimp, it is likely because they are in there under a different lead. Search by the contact's email to find them.

Force a Resync

If you would like the contact in MailChimp to update to the most recently edited lead in LeadSimple, you can archive it and then unarchive it to force a resync.

Archive by selecting the contact, clicking the "Actions" drop down menu above, and then clicking "Archive".

Then, unarchive it by clicking "Manage Contacts", then "View archived contacts":

Finally, select the contact you archived, then click "Unarchive".

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