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Error: "There was an Error Loading this Step. Our dev team has been notified."
Error: "There was an Error Loading this Step. Our dev team has been notified."

Learn what causes this error on your workflow tasks and how to fix it.

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Are you seeing this error in a pipeline or a process?

Here's what's causing it and how to fix it:

1. What's Causing the Error

The affected steps are assigned to a user role (such as property manager) that is no longer connected to this pipeline or process type.

The role was connected to the pipeline or process previously and these workflow steps were assigned to the role. But when the role was removed from the pipeline or process it caused an error for these tasks.

2. How to Fix It

You'll need to add the user role back to the pipeline or process to fix the error.

Click Users & Roles in the left sidebar.

Then click Add Assignee Role and select from your user assignee roles. Add back any roles that you recall removing or that you think might have been part of this process before.

Go back to your stage to see if the steps are restored and identify which user role is assigned to the tasks.

You can then either unassign the tasks so you can remove the user role from the process type again, or leave it and simply remove any other roles you re-added.

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