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Using Enterprise Bank & Trust Credits to Pay for LeadSimple
Using Enterprise Bank & Trust Credits to Pay for LeadSimple

Learn more about how we have teamed up with Enterprise Bank & how to use your credits to pay for your LeadSimple subscription and consulting

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Big News! 🎉

LeadSimple has now officially teamed up with Enterprise Bank & Trust to offer our mutual clients the ability to use your Enterprise Bank analysis credits to pay for LeadSimple monthly subscriptions and consulting services!

What does this mean for you? You can now invest in streamlining your operations and scaling your growth, as well as leveraging our consulting services and best practices for free using your credits.

Who has access?

*Part of an Enterprise or Franchise? Note that use of credits towards monthly subscriptions is not available for LeadSimple Enterprise or Franchise accounts. However, you can use your credits to pay for LeadSimple consulting services as that is scoped on a per-project basis.

Here's the list of Enterprises which do not support using credits towards monthly subscriptions:

  • Real Property Management

  • All County

  • Keyrenter Property Management

  • PURE Property Management

  • PMI Property Management

If unsure whether your LeadSimple account is part of one of the above enterprises, reach out to to learn more.

How does it work?

Management of your LeadSimple account’s billing will be switched over to Enterprise Bank & Trust and they will manage applying your credits to your subscription every month.

Note that this benefit is not available in all US states. The states allowed to bank with Enterprise Bank & Trust are:



















New Hampshire

New Mexico

North Carolina


South Carolina


Rhode Island

South Dakota






West Virginia



How can I get access?

To take advantage of this benefit, reach out to us at and we'll help you out!

Who can I contact at Enterprise Bank & Trust if I have questions?

If you have any questions about using Enterprise Bank & Trust credits, contact Allison Disarro at Enterprise Bank at:

Additional FAQ (from video above)

How can I check my credit balance?

You have a separate set of statements called Analysis Statement, and it is essentially just a roll up of all of the transactions and average balances. And that calculates the credits earned as well as what the credits have been applied to. If you did not use your credits prior to that month, anything that is rolled over from the prior months will roll over onto that credit statement as well.

Do my Analysis Credits ever expire?

Month to month, they do not. But at the end of the year, usually from mid-November, Allison will send out an email letting everyone know when the cutoff date is. That cutoff date is usually mid January, to ensure that all the credits from the year are reflected.

Enterprise Bank asks for the all of the invoices due by that date.

What happens if I don't have enough credits to cover my entire bill?

Enterprise Bank will pay the bill in full. After that, you have two options:

  1. The deficit can either be charged the following month

  2. Or it can be accrued throughout the year until year end. If there's an accrued deficit at year end, you would be charged that.

Note that the default is to charge at years end. Let Enterprise Bank know if you want to change it to monthly.

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