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Using Tasks

Learn how to create, manage and use tasks to improve your follow up.

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As your lead volume grows it can get harder and harder to keep track of who you need to do what with, and when. Tasks help organize your sales activities and insure you follow up with every lead on time.

Manually creating a task

To create a specific task to a lead (a task that isn't generated by one of your workflows), click into a lead record and click "Add Task" in the task section.

Select the task type.

Select a date.

Choose a reminder.

(Task reminders are sent out via email, example below.)

By default, tasks are associated with the lead, not a specific user on the account. When the person the lead is assigned to changes, the task will be reassigned to the new assignee. You can choose to assign the task to a specific user regardless of the lead's assignee.ย 

View Tasks

Option 1: Tasks Page

Click on the tasks tab in the left hand navigation to go to the tasks page. On the tasks page, tasks are organized by due date.

You can edit a task by clicking on the task description itself.

You can click the lead's name to go into that lead's record.

To delete a task, click the trash can icon on the right of the task.

To actually perform the task from this page, click the task icon on the right of the task, (Call, Email, SMS), to pull up the call, email, or text box. You can then perform or initiate the task, then move on to the next task on your list, while the system automatically tracks that call, email, or text for you.

Option 2: Lead List Page

Click on one of your lead types in the sidebar to navigate to the lead list page.

Look at the the "Next Action" column to see the next upcoming tasks for each lead.

Sort the column by due date by clicking on the "Next Action" column title. Clicking on the date will take you to the lead record associated with that task.

Option 3: Daily Agenda Email

Every day at 5am each LeadSimple user is sent a list of all the tasks due that day on leads that are assigned to them. Next to each task is a mail to link or click to call link depending on the type of task.

Completing Tasks

To mark a task as complete, click on the check box to the left of a task name. LeadSimple will track that you completed the task in the lead's activity history.

Undoing a completed task

If you accidentally checked off a task, you can undo this by filtering your task list from "Upcoming" to "Completed" either on the Task list or in the Process/Pipeline that you were working in. The next step would be to search for the task in the "Completed" section and it's a simple as unchecking the box next to the task and it'll be moved back to the "Upcoming" task list.

Filtering your task list

You can filter your tasks by assignee, whether they are upcoming or completed and by task type (e.g. call, email, etc...). Just click the filter you want and select from the list of options.

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