Adding New Users

Here's how to add new users to your company account.

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There are two ways to add users to your LeadSimple account: from the settings page, or from within a process or pipeline.

Let's start with the settings page.

Add Users From the Settings Page

  1. Go to the Users page under Settings.

  2. Click the Add User button.

  3. Enter the name and email address of the user and click Send. This will send the user an invitation email. Note the link in the invitation email will only work once. If the link expires, you'll need to resend the link.

    1. Please note that due to security reasons, LeadSimple staff cannot invite new users or resend this link. If your link has expired, reach out to an admin on your account and they can resend it.

Add Users From Within Pipeline or Process Settings

You can also invite users from the Settings on a pipeline or process. We'll use a process as an example in this article.

  1. Click into your process type, then click the gear icon for settings. Or go to "Settings > Process Settings" in the lefthand sidebar.

  2. If you used the Settings lefthand menu option, navigate to your desired pipeline or process by using the dropdown menu in the upper left corner.

  3. Go to Team & Assignment. From there, you can click the Add User button to invite a new user.

Adding a user when they already have a LeadSimple account at another company

If you own two property management companies and have two separate accounts for them in LeadSimple, you may want to add a user to both accounts. LeadSimple currently cannot allow the same email address to be used for a user's login on two different accounts.

To resolve this, you can add "+test" or some other text to the email address in front of the @ sign to differentiate the email address.

Example: Santa is a user at ABC Property Management and his login email is If he gets added to A-Team Property Management's account, his login email for the new account should be something like ""

You can vote on this feature request to allow users to toggle between different LeadSimple accounts here.

Confirm the user has activated their account

You can go back to the Users page under Settings to see if the user has actually set up their account yet. If they have, they will be marked as "Active," but if not, they will be marked as "Not Active." In that case, you can click the user and resend them an invitation by clicking the yellow "Resend Invitation" button.

Have any questions? Chat us or email and we'll be happy to help you out.

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