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Set up auto-import directly from your email inbox
Set up auto-import directly from your email inbox

Learn how to import leads into LeadSimple from your email inbox

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Your lead provider may only allow you to send leads to one email address, in which case you should ideally keep your personal email on file with the lead provider and instead set up a forwarding rule to forward leads into LeadSimple. (See the bottom of this article for a list of lead providers that require you to set up a forwarding rule in your email client). 


Create a Forwarding Rule

Inside Gmail, click on the settings icon in the top right corner, then select 'Settings'.

Click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP", then click "Add a forwarding address".

Enter a lead source email as the forwarding address the click next.

Click "Proceed" and then "Ok".

Find the confirmation email from Gmail in your inbox (we will forward it to you) and click the link inside to verify.

Note that this will now forward all your emails to LeadSimple. Continue reading the next section to figure out how to only forward new lead emails.

Create a Forwarding Filter

Find a new lead email from the provider who's leads you want to forward into LeadSimple (a new Zillow lead email, for example).

Open the lead and click on the drop down menu and choose "Filter messages like this".

Here you have the opportunity to add more specificity to the filter than just the email address. In the image below, we're only sending leads from when they have the "New Lead" in the subject line. 

Review the filter and then click "Create filter with this search".

Check the box for 'Skip the Inbox', select the lead source email associated with this lead source and then click create filter.

To test it, submit a test lead and confirm that it appears in LeadSimple.


Automatically redirect incoming messages to another e-mail account

This feature requires a Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, or 2007 account. Most home and personal accounts do not use Exchange.

Use this method if you don't want recipients of the redirected messages to know that the messages were delivered by way of your e-mail account.

NOTE: The following steps explain how to create and apply a rule to your Inbox or one of your private folders. To create a rule for a public folder, you must do so from the folder's Properties dialog box.

IMPORTANT: To import the leads correctly, make sure you select "Redirect" on the forwarding rule, instead of "Forward". That way, LeadSimple will receive all the lead's information.

  1. Click Mail in the Navigation Pane.

  2. On the Tools menu, click Rules and Alerts.

  3. If you have more than one e-mail account in your Outlook e-mail profile, then in the Apply changes to this folder list, click the Inbox to which you want the new rule to apply.

  4. Click New Rule.

  5. Under Start from a blank rule, click Check messages when they arrive, and then click Next.

  6. Under Step 1: Select condition(s), select the check box next to each condition that you want the incoming message to match.

  7. Under Step 2: Edit the rule description, click the underlined value that corresponds to the condition, and then select or type the necessary information for the condition.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Under Step 1: Select action(s), select the redirect it to people or distribution list check box.

  10. Under Step 2: Edit the rule description, click people or distribution list.

  11. In one of the address lists, double-click the name or distribution list to which you want to redirect the messages, and then click OK.

  12. Click Next twice.

  13. Under Step 1: Specify a name for this rule, type a name. To run this rule on the messages that are already in your folders, select the Run this rule now on messages already in "folder" check box.To apply this rule to all your e-mail accounts and inboxes, select the Create this rule on all accounts check box. This option is grayed out if you do not have more than one e-mail account or Inbox.

  14. Click Finish.

Forwarding Email Addresses

You will need to know what email addresses leads come from in order to setup a forward rule / filter. Here's a list of email addresses leads come from for popular lead providers.

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