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Why are my text messages being converted to emails? (Phone Registration Approval Pending)
Why are my text messages being converted to emails? (Phone Registration Approval Pending)

Learn why your text messages are being converted to emails while your phone registration approval in pending.

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Why are my text messages being converted to emails?

If you've attempted to send a text message and your text registration hasn’t been approved by the cell carriers yet, you might encounter a specific message about your text being sent as an email rather than a text.

Since texts sent from unapproved phone numbers will not be delivered by the cell carriers, we built this tool to ensure that your messages are still delivered, via email rather than text, while you wait for your texting to become active.

In this help article, we'll walk you through what you'll see and how to disable this feature if needed.

(Haven't submitted your phone number registration yet? Do so here to resume your texting as soon as possible. Learn more about the new requirements here.)

When you send a text message before your registration has been approved, you'll see a notification like the one above. This indicates that your message will not be sent as a text and may be rerouted to email, if the contact has an email address.

As shown in the image above, a sent rerouted text message will have a small notification letting you know that the message was sent via email rather than text message.

Disabling the Rerouting Feature

If you prefer to disable this feature (generally not recommended), follow these steps. Note that your texts will not send, but will rather queue up and go out once your registration is approved.

Click "Settings" in the lefthand sidebar:

Then click "Process Settings":

Then click "General" in the lefthand sidebar on the settings page:

Scroll down to the "Communication" section at the bottom of the page.

Disable Rerouting - By default, this feature is enabled for all accounts. To disable it, simply toggle the setting to the "Off" position.

Note again that turning off this setting will not send your texts, but rather queue them up to send right after your registration is approved, which may take from a couple days to three weeks.

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