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Process Type Modes - Safely build and launch your processes
Process Type Modes - Safely build and launch your processes

Learn about Draft and Live modes and how to launch or revert any of your process types. Safely.

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So you're building a process and you want to test it with some owners or tenants before setting it live for all your customers.

But you don't want to accidentally email or text them before you had a chance to review each email and text in the process. You don't want any typos or unclear language making you look unprofessional!

Or maybe you don't want your team to accidentally use a process you're building before its ready.

Enter Draft mode! The tool you need to help you gradually launch processes. Safely. Faster.

What are Process Type Modes?

Process Types have 2 modes: Draft, and Live.

  • Draft Mode - Emails, texts, and Autopilot cannot occur automatically in Draft mode. This is the default mode for new process types.

  • Live Mode - Emails, texts and Autopilot CAN run automatically in Live mode.

Plus, process type modes show your team when a process type is ready to use (keep reading to learn more!)

When to use Draft mode vs. Live mode

Process types begin in Draft mode, but ultimately you want to move them to Live mode when you're ready to use them for all your owners and/or tenants.

Draft Mode: Use Draft mode for new process types that you're building--process types that aren't ready to use for all your owners/tenants yet, or you haven't fully tested it yet. Draft mode is the default for new process types so you're already covered here πŸ™‚

Live Mode: Put a process type in Live mode when a process type is ready to use for all your owners/tenants - i.e. when you've tested it thoroughly and are comfortable having all automated emails, texts and Autopilot turned on.

How to move process types between Draft and Live mode

You need a user permission enabled to "change process type modes". If you aren't an admin, check with your account administrator to get permission.

Changing the mode of a process type is easy. All you have to do is flip a switch when you're ready to change modes.

You can find it in these places:

  1. On the process type dashboard

2. In process type settings

Simply flip the switch when you're ready to change the mode from Draft to Live, or Live to Draft!

Help your team know when they can use a process type

When a process type is in Draft mode, a nice "Draft" label will appear next to the process type in your navigation. This will help your team know if a process type is ready for them to use or not. (E.g. Draft = not ready to use πŸ˜‰ )

Starting a process while in Draft mode

When a process type is in Draft mode, you can start a new process the way you normally would by clicking "Start Process".

But when you start a process, all automated emails and text messages will be reverted to manual steps.

This ensures you don't automatically email an owner or tenant when you first start using the process with them in real life.


Building and optimizing your standard processes is hard. But with process type modes, you can rest a little more easily, knowing you have a clear, safe path to build and launch your processes.

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