Testing Processes with Test Flight

Test your processes in seconds! Great for people building processes to see if they work, and new employees learning a process.

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Test Flight is a safe, efficient way to test processes you're building or using with fake customers and properties so you can build and launch processes faster!

Why test a process?

When you're building a process, you need to test it to ensure it works the way you want it to BEFORE you use it with real customers.

Or, if you're a new employee you want to learn how a process works. Running a test process is a great way to learn!

How to test a process with Test Flight

Testing a process is now incredibly easy.

  1. Log into LeadSimple

  2. Navigate to one of your Process Types (click Processes > [name of the process type you want to open])

  3. See the "Test Process" button in the upper right

  4. Click the "Test Process" button

  5. LeadSimple automatically populates a Property and Contacts for you, without any data entry!

  6. Click "Test Process"

  7. This creates a new test process WITH a fake property and contacts.

  8. Complete tasks, change stages, send emails/texts--anything you need to do to make sure this process works the way it should, or to understand it.

  9. Preview the texts and emails in the process to see how they will look to owners and tenants using the Communication Preview feature!

    1. By default emails in a test process are sent to you at the email address you use to log into LeadSimple & calls & texts are made/sent to a default phone number LeadSimple provides.

    2. Click "Change" to change these communication methods at any time if you want message previews to go to someone else during tests (your settings will be saved for all future test processes)

  10. Restart a test from the beginning using the "Restart" button (useful if you need to want to quickly start the test over). This clears all previous task completions and stage changes so you can start the test process fresh.

  11. Click "End Test" when you're finished testing to delete the test process.

๐Ÿ’ก Cheat Code: If you get interrupted while testing and want to come back later, you can find test processes on the Process Type dashboard, with a "Test" label next to it.

That's all there is to it!

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