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What Are The Native Pipeline Merge Tags?
What Are The Native Pipeline Merge Tags?
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What Are The Native Pipeline Merge Tags?

Learn about our built-in pipeline merge tags!

Within LeadSimple, we provide a variety of merge tags that you can use in your email and/or text templates in your pipelines to help you personalize your communication without having to enter the information manually every time!.

Please note that any other data that you’d like to automatically populate in your email and/or text templates would need to be via custom fields. Here’s an article on how to create custom fields.

Pipeline Merge Tag List:

{{today | default}}:

  • This tag automatically inserts the current date, ensuring that your communications are always timely and relevant.

{{our_company_name | default}}:

  • Easily customize your messages by automatically populating your company's name, fostering brand consistency and professionalism.

{{first_name | default}}:

  • Tailor your interactions by dynamically inserting the lead's first name, creating a personalized touch that resonates with your audience.

{{last_name | default}}:

  • Similar to the first name tag, this allows you to address leads by their last names, adding a touch of formality and personalization.

{{company_name | default}}:

  • Populate this tag with the lead's company name, making your communication more relevant and showing that you've done your homework.

{{phone | default}}:

  • Ensure you have a direct line of communication by automatically including the lead's phone number in your messages.

{{email_address | default}}:

  • Personalize your emails by automatically inserting the lead's email address, streamlining communication and avoiding errors.

{{property_street | default}}, {{property_city | default}}, {{property_state | default}}, {{property_zip_code | default}}:

  • Customize your messaging further by incorporating details about the lead's property, creating a tailored experience that demonstrates your attention to detail.

{{unit_number | default}}, {{unit_bathrooms | default}}, {{unit_estimated_rent | default}}, {{unit_square_feet | default}}:

  • Tailor your communications to leads interested in rental properties by dynamically including specific details about their units.

{{assignee_name | default}}, {{assignee_phone | default}}, {{assignee_email | default}}:

  • Provide accurate contact information for the assigned team member.

{{source_name | default}}:

  • Specify where the specific lead originated with ease..

Implementing these native LeadSimple merge tags in your pipelines can significantly enhance your lead management process. From personalized greetings to detailed property information, these tags empower you to create a customized and efficient workflow, ultimately improving your interactions with leads and driving business success.

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