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How To Add Custom Meeting Links To Emails In LeadSimple
How To Add Custom Meeting Links To Emails In LeadSimple

Creating a personalised touch in your communication is effortless with custom meeting links in LeadSimple.

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Ready to sprinkle a dash of personal magic into your outreach? With custom meeting links in LeadSimple, adding that extra flair to your communication and working with multiple agents in the same pipeline has never been easier. ๐Ÿš€

Let's dive into the world of seamless integration and discover how these custom links can turn your emails into engagement powerhouses!

Create a Custom Meeting Link:

With multiple sales agents and users working in LeadSimple and using the same email templates, custom meeting links allow each teammate to have their own meeting links that auto-populate into your emails based on who is sending the email!

To set this up:

Navigate to your user page by clicking on Settings > Users and selecting 'Meeting Links'.

Choose the desired Process or Pipeline where you want to add your custom meeting link. Currently you can have one unique meeting link for each process type and pipeline, or reuse the same link for multiple.

Paste your unique link and save it by clicking the check icon.

Add a Custom Link Merge Tag to an Email Template:

You can add a custom link merge tag to a new or existing email template on your process settings page.

Navigate to your email templates page by clicking Settings > Pipeline Settings.

Ensure you are in the correct pipeline by selecting the appropriate option from the dropdown menu in the top left corner.

Click on Email Templates and then create a new template by selecting + ADD TEMPLATE or edit an existing template from your list.

Inside the template, click on the Calendar Icon and add the text you want to display.

You and your team's custom meeting links for this pipeline will then be used in this email template going forward, depending on who is sending the email.

Save your template to seamlessly include the link in your communication and simply click on the link if you need to edit its display or click save to preserve your configuration.

Using Email Templates:

Streamline your workflow by automatically integrating email templates with meeting links at specific stages.

Go to the Settings page, click "Stages and Workflows," and choose the stage where you want to incorporate the template.

Add an email step and attach the desired template.

To use a template with a meeting link without creating a new step in your workflow, access your lead page, click on the โ€˜EMAILโ€™ option under โ€˜Actions,โ€™ and select โ€˜Use template' by selecting the applicable template from your list.

Now, armed with custom meeting links, you're all set to elevate the personalization of your processes in LeadSimple!

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