Calling a Lead

Learn how to call leads through LeadSimple and have the call be automatically tracked.

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Calling a Lead

LeadSimple automatically tracks the following attributes about each call made to a lead through the system:

  1. Caller - Who called the lead.

  2. Time - When the call happened.

  3. Duration - How long the call lasted for.

  4. Recording - Listen to a recording of the call.

Option 1: Click to Call

The fastest way to make a tracked call to a lead is to use click to call. There are two ways to do this:

Click 'Call' - This will open a window with a few options for making a call.

  1. Call From: The number you want to make the call from (e.g. your mobile phone)

  2. Caller ID: The phone number the lead will see as the caller ID. In most cases, this will just be the number you're calling from. But you can add a default caller ID to the Company settings in your account (instructions here). Or you can get a local phone number through LeadSimple and use that as your caller ID (learn more about LeadSimple texting numbers).

  3. Call To: Which number to call the lead at (if they have multiple phone numbers).

When you click "Call", you will receive a call at the "From" number; the phone will prompt you to press 1, and then the phone will dial the lead's number. (You'll be making the call on your phone, not on the computer.)

After the call, it will then be tracked in the lead's activity with the recording (if applicable).

Click the original number - If you click on the original phone number listed under the contact info section LeadSimple will open the call window as well.

A Note About Primary Contacts
If a lead has two contacts, the primary contact on the lead will be the default when calling the lead. You can change the primary contact by clicking the star on the contact card. (The primary contact has a yellow star.)

To call the secondary contact on a lead, just click the number in their contact card.

Option 2: Dial Tracked Number

Under the contact info section on a lead's record, each lead contains a tracked phone number in addition to the original phone numbers(s).

You will always dial the same root phone number, which is unique to your company account, when calling any lead. There's an extension behind the main number that is unique to each lead. John Smith is ext. 100, John Doe is ext. 101, etc.

It's a good idea to program your companies unique LeadSimple phone number into your phone under the contact name LeadSimple.

In either case after the call is completed you will see a record of the call in the lead history.

You can click on the call activity to listen to the call. To learn more about call recording in LeadSimple and which calls are recorded, read this article.

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