Points to Remember:

Here are 3 possible shared Inbox configuration options that can work for different team structures:

  1. One shared inbox (ie support@example.com)

  2. Departmental inboxes (ie leasing@example.com, maintenance@example.com)

  3. Portfolio inboxes

Your Gmail or Outlook email addresses need to be standalone Google or Microsoft user account in order for LeadSImple to be able to connect to them. Email aliases, distribution lists and Microsoft's "shared mailboxes" are much more complex to connect to LeadSimple, and often create issues.

Each connected email can have its own custom email signature.

Be sure to add any users who will need access to this shared inbox.

Action Items:

  • Determine your shared inbox configuration (learn more here)

  • Connect your shared email accounts and ensure all users have been given access to each inbox

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