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Can I Send a Bulk Email Blast to Multiple Leads at Once?
Can I Send a Bulk Email Blast to Multiple Leads at Once?

Learn about sending bulk email to a list of leads.

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Currently, LeadSimple is optimized for tracking one-to-one communication with leads. This means that you can set up auto-emails, drip campaigns, and workflows in your stages so that leads are followed up with based on their stage.

However, apart from the stages and workflows, it isn't possible to send an email blast to a list of leads in bulk through LeadSimple. (An example of a bulk email would be a monthly newsletter that you send to all your prospects, regardless of what stage they might be in in LeadSimple.)

(Note that most email providers have daily rate limits on how many emails can be sent from an email account. Also, a large number of spam reports or unsubscribes could affect your ability to send emails in the future.)

While we plan to offer this functionality in the future, for now, we recommend that you bulk email your leads using a bulk emailing tool. We integrate directly with MailChimp and indirectly with other bulk emailing tools through Zapier. (Learn more about these integrations here.)

Learn more about setting up email drip campaigns in your workflows here.

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