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Why Aren't My Automatic Emails Sending?
Why Aren't My Automatic Emails Sending?

Learn why emails sometimes don't send automatically.

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So you have an email step in one of your workflows which is set to go out automatically. But for some reason, a new lead comes in and the email doesn't go out. This can happen for a number of different reasons.

In most cases you can find out why an email didn't send automatically to a given lead by following these steps.

  1. Go to the page of the lead in question by clicking their link on the lead table.

  2. Look at the tasks in the center of the page (see screenshot).

3. You should see an email task which is highlighted red.
4. To view the error that prevented the email to send automatically, simply hover your mouse over the red email icon on the task. 

In the case of this email, it didn't send because this lead unsubscribed from our automatic emails. 

Depending on the case, you may get a variety of error messages, some of which may be a little confusing. Some common errors include:

  • Lead isn't assigned (so LeadSimple doesn't have an email to send from)

    • Fix: Assign the lead to a user, click on the email task and set it to go out automatically again.

  • Lead has unsubscribed from emails

    • Fix: You can resubscribe them but only if you believe they were unsubscribed in error.

  • Lead doesn't have an email address

    • Fix: Add an email address to the contact, then send the email.

  • A merge tag in the email template is missing a value (such as {{first_name}} or {{property_street}})

    • Add the missing info to the property, contact, lead, or process, then send the email.

  • Your rate limit is exceeded (this is caused by a rate limit being hit on your connected email account. This usually only happens when a large number of emails were triggered at once)

    • Fix: Spread out your emails over a wider amount of time and be cautious when emailing large email lists. (We recommend our integration with MailChimp for emailing large email lists.)

  • This contact has received this email template within the last 30 days

    • Fix: Spread out your email campaigns so you aren't reusing the same template sooner than 30 days later. Or you can duplicate the template and give it a different name so LeadSimple won't consider them the same template.

  • Hitting a different error? Check out this article to see more technical errors you may run into.

If you encounter an error message you don't understand, chat us or email us at and we'll help explain the issue to you and get it fixed.

Helpful Tips to Remember

  • If you make emails automatic in the workflow and notice that email tasks populated on some leads already in the workflow aren't automatic, you'll need to manually send these emails up to the email with the stop task (blue hand). Then the next email should be automatic.

  • Changes to automatic emails in the workflow won't affect any email tasks already populated on leads in the workflow. But once those manual emails are sent, the next email task to populate should be automatic.

  • You can also move the leads out of the stage and back into the stage to make the automatic email changes take effect. (Note this may bring up some emails that were already sent or skipped, so you may need to skip some email tasks by clicking the trash can icon to get the lead back to their correct place in the workflow).

Got questions? Chat us via the icon in your account or email, and we'll be happy to help!

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