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Embedding Forms and Site Tracking
Embedding Forms and Site Tracking

Learn how to embed LeadSimple forms and site tracking on your company website.

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If you want to use LeadSimple forms but haven't built one yet, see this article on building a basic form.

To activate forms and site tracking on your website, you or your website manager will need to embed a snippet of Javascript code in your website's HTML. 

Step 1: Copy the Code

This code is located on the Forms & Site Tracking page under Settings at the top right. 

The Javascript code we're looking for can be found by clicking the "Install Instructions" button in the top right corner of this page.

This opens a pop-up window which, in addition to some instructions, contains two fields: one holding instructions for your webmaster and the second simply holding the Javascript code.

Step 2: Send Instructions to Your Website Manager

Unless you manage your website yourself through some kind of hosting service (e.g. WordPress, SquareSpace, etc.), you'll need to ask your website manager to embed the Javascript code. This process is really easy. Inside the pop-up window, click the "Copy" button for the first field. 

This field contains the code and instructions for your website manager. 

Next, open your email client (e.g. Gmail, Outlook) and compose a new email. In the body section of the email, right click with your mouse and click "Paste".

This will paste the instructions you just copied from LeadSimple into the new email. Now, add a subject line to the email and your website manager's email address as the recipient. 

Click "Send" and your website manager should have all the instructions they need to install this on your site. As soon as they make these changes, any active forms will start being displayed and LeadSimple will start tracking leads as they view the pages on your website.

Step 2B: Install the Javascript Yourself

If you manage your website yourself, simply copy the the code in the second field inside the pop-up window.

Like the instructions indicate, you'll need to install this in the head tag of your website's HTML. Once you save the HTML file and make those changes live, LeadSimple forms and site tracking will be activated on your website.

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