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Using Bulk Actions

Learn how to change stage or assignee, merge or delete leads in bulk.

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Sometimes you need to make the same change to multiple leads in your account. If you needed to update their stage, for example, you could go to each lead on your lead dashboard and change the stage individually, but that would take a long time.

Bulk actions enable you to change the stage or assignee, add or remove tags, merge or delete up to 100 leads at a time, and also trigger processes in bulk.

*If you are looking to bulk delete overdue tasks, check out this article.

1. Filter your lead list

If you want to change leads that match a certain filter (leads that are all in a specific stage, for example), you'll want to filter your lead list first. Click the "Add Filter" button to do this (this article provides further instructions on filtering).

2. Select leads from the list

Navigate to one of your lead pipelines/dashboards and select the leads you want to change by checking the boxes on the left-hand side. 

Selecting All Leads

Bulk Actions can only be performed on 100 leads at a time. If your lead list has less than 100 leads in it, clicking the check box at the very top of the list will select them all. If the list has more than 100, it will select the first 100 records in the list. If the criteria changes for the leads you select (changing their stage or assignee) and a filter is applied for that criteria, they will disappear from the list and you will be able to select the next 100 records.

(Example: you have a filter to see all your leads in the Nurturing stage. You then select the first 100 records and change their stage to Nurturing 2. Those leads are now excluded from the filter and you can select the next 100 records.)

3. Update, Delete, Merge, or Create Processes

Now, use the options in the upper left hand corner of the page to choose what you would like to do with these leads.

  • Delete: This will permanently delete the lead's you've selected from your account. NOTE that clicking the "Delete Leads" button will not immediately delete the leads, you'll be asked to confirm your choice.

  • Merge Leads: This enables you to merge 2 or more leads into one. Maybe you accidentally created a duplicate lead and LeadSimple didn't flag it as a duplicate (read more about duplicate flagging here). You can merge them by clicking this button and following the steps.

  • Update Leads: This option enables you to change the stage, change the assigned user, or add and remove tags to the leads you've selected. 

  • Create Processes: This option will show up if you have access to the operational process module. This allows you to select leads or properties in bulk and trigger a process (such as a lease renewal on your current tenants, or owner onboarding processes for newly converted owners.

After you confirm or follow the steps, your leads will update in a matter of seconds!

You can also run bulk actions on your contacts and properties lists.

With contacts, you can:

  • Create Leads: Select contacts in bulk and create lead records for each of them in a certain pipeline. This allows you to choose the pipeline, stage, and assigned user.

  • Merge Contacts: Similar to merging leads.

  • Delete Contacts: Delete the contacts entirely from your account and all leads/processes associated with them.

With properties, you can:

  • Merge Properties

  • Delete Properties

Bulk Actions and Searching for Leads

You can search for leads and perform bulk actions on the search results. Delete is the only action available on the search table, however. Merging and changing stage/assignee are not available because search looks across all of your pipelines and it isn't possible to merge two leads that are in different pipelines (or put them into the same stage). Just something to keep in mind :)

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