Task Instructions and Call Scripts

Learn how to add instructions to your workflow tasks to make your processes even more automated and scaleable

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Task Instructions allow you add call scripts to your sales process so agents know exactly what to say on each call and add instructions to todos to explain how to generate a rental analysis or a contract in your e-signature platform, among other things.

Where to find task instructions

To add instructions to a task in your sales process, navigate to your Stages and Workflows settings by clicking Settings > Pipeline Settings or by clicking the settings icon in the upper right corner of your lead dashboard.

Click on a stage in the process.

How to add instructions to a step

To add instructions to a step, click the icon that looks like paper with a + symbol on it.

To add instructions to a step, first find the step you want to add it to. Then click the icon that looks like paper with a + symbol on it.ย 

A window will open where you can add all the instructions you want including videos or screenshots! Videos are really helpful if you're explaining how to generate a contract or update an owner's information in your property management software.ย 

Click "SAVE" when you're done adding the instructions to save your changes.

How agents use instructions in the sales process

Now that you've added instructions to a step you can view those instructions every time a lead hits that step in your workflow. Simply click the instructions button on the task when you're looking at a lead.ย 

This opens the window where they can view the instructions (they can't edit the instructions from here and non-admin users can't edit the instructions at all).

And that's it! If you have feedback or questions about how you should use this feature in your sales process, let us know ๐Ÿ˜Šย 

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