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Learn how to use step instructions to ensure that every step is completed fully and correctly.

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Tasks instructions are another workflow feature that allow you to add detailed instructions on to-do steps.

You can use task instructions to:

  • Give detailed instructions and/or videos on how to complete the task (ie. how to add an owner or property to your property management software)

  • Include a list of fields to fill out about a property

  • Include additional helpful details about the process, task, or property

To add task instructions to a task, use the page icon on the right of the task. 

You can add videos, screenshots, and bullet point lists to task instructions, using the editor bar (click on the image, bullet point, or video camera icons).

You can also add merge tags to the task instructions, which link to specific fields, so that they can be filled out during the process:

Here's how to add those. In the instructions, click the {...} icon on the far left of the editor bar.

This will pull up the available fields you can include in the instructions. You can add to the list by adding custom fields.

Here's what the instructions will look like for the end user after you've added the merge tags:

Once you've finished adding instructions to a step, they will be available on the task that is generated on a process by that step in the workflow. A user with admin privileges can even make a change inline to the instructions inside the process, without having to go back to the settings page.

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