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Why did my email account disconnect from LeadSimple?
Why did my email account disconnect from LeadSimple?

Learn why your email account sometimes disconnects from LeadSimple

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Sometimes you'll get a message that says "Your email account is disconnected". You might see this when you try to send an email from LeadSimple or get a notification in your inbox.

There are a couple reasons why this takes place.

  1. When you change your email account password, your email account will disconnect. This is because LeadSimple can no longer access your email account with the password you gave it originally.

  2. Your email provider (Google, Microsoft, etc...) automatically disconnected your email account. Email providers have the right to disconnect any services connected to your email account at any time. 

  3. If you are the administrator of your company's Google Apps account, and you change your password, this will affect your email and other users' emails plus shared emails connected to LeadSimple, causing them to disconnect.

Reasons your Google Email (Gmail) May Have Disconnected

If you use Gmail, these are reasons your email may have disconnected from LeadSimple:

  • Changed credentials on email client (changed password)

  • Google security check

  • Same email used for multiple users

  • Shared inbox issues

  • Multiple email accounts connected on their browser

  • Two-factor authentication set up on the email account can cause disconnection issues from LeadSimple.

If your email account is disconnected, follow these instructions to reconnect it (note that the process of connecting your email while in an incognito browser typically helps).

Reach out to us if you have any questions by contacting us via chat,, or calling 888-626-3259 option 2 for support.

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