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Replying To, Snoozing, & Closing Conversations
Replying To, Snoozing, & Closing Conversations

How to reply to, initiate, snooze, and close conversations

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This article covers what the Inbox counters (numbers besides Mine, Unassigned, All Others) are and how to:

📩 Replying to conversations

  1. Click on a conversation in the Inbox list to open it.

  2. Emails: Just type your message in the text area labeled “Reply” and click the green “Send” button.

  3. Texts: Type your message in the “Reply by Text” box and hit “Send” (calls and texts can be made in the same thread)

  4. Calls: Select the “Reply by Phone” box, choose your desired calling settings and hit “Call”. LeadSimple will call you first and then connect you to the lead when you pick up the call and press "1".

✉️ Sending a brand new message from the Inbox

You can send new outbound emails or texts, and make phone calls from the Inbox directly.

  1. Click the green, “New Message” button on the Inbox list page.

  2. Choose email, call or text.

  3. It will ask you to search for a contact to call or send the email/text to.

✅ Closing Conversations

Only close a conversation when you have resolved the customer/lead's question or issue. Conversations can be closed in multiple places.

  1. Closing a single conversation: on the Inbox list page, find the conversation you want to close in the list, hover your cursor over it and click on the “Close” button on the right-hand side.

    You can also click the "Close" button in the top right when you click into a conversation.

  2. Closing multiple conversations: also on the Inbox list page, click the checkbox on the conversation(s) you want to close and use the “Close” bulk action to close them.

💤 Snoozing Conversations

Snooze a conversation when you are waiting on the customer or lead to reply back to you. Snoozing a conversation will temporarily archive it until a later date and/or time of your choosing.

  1. Click on a conversation in the Inbox, and use the “Snooze” button in the upper right corner to snooze it for any future time.

  2. You can also select one or more conversations from the list view and snooze them all for any future date or time you want.

What do the numbers next to my Inbox mean?

Inbox counters are the numbers in each view of your Inbox. They count the number of messages that are open and exclude snoozed or closed messages. They include the total number of open messages, not simply unread messages.

You can think of “open” as “conversations that are not yet resolved”. If you are waiting on the client to reply and want to hide the conversation until they do, we recommend you use the snooze feature; that way your counter will go down (note you will have to refresh the screen to immediately see the counter decrease).

It's preferable that any conversation that is waiting on the client in order to move forward should be snoozed so you can stay as close to inbox zero as possible.

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