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Starting Processes from Inbound Conversations
Starting Processes from Inbound Conversations

Learn how to start processes from inbound conversations

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Certain processes (such as maintenance requests and work orders) are started by inbound communication from the tenant or owner.

When you are managing your maintenance team's inbox in LeadSimple, you will want to start those processes directly from that inbound communication. Here's how to do that!

Starting Processes from the Inbox

When a call, email, or text comes in, LeadSimple will look for that email or phone number and connect the inbound communication with the correct contact. It will show that contact and it's associated lead(s) in the righthand sidebar.

Below that you will see a section headed "Related Processes". Click the "+" icon to search for an existing process or start a new one.

You will then be able to fill out any necessary details at that point and start the process!

The process will be linked to that conversation for your context later. You can also remove the process from the conversation in Inbox at any point if you added it on accident, for example.

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