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Getting started in LeadSimple Guide: Account Setup
Getting started in LeadSimple Guide: Account Setup

You have accepted an account in LeadSimple, now what?

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Congratulations! You now have access to a powerful tool to streamline operations, grow faster, and scale your business.

As you login, you will find your task page:

While you may not have anything scheduled yet, this task list will be organized by date and track todos, emails, phone calls, and texts.

When you click on your name in the top left, you will find your user page.

This is a great time to update the following things:

Profile Picture: Click on the avatar and select change photo.

Default Login Page: This is the page that LeadSimple will open every time you login. Your task list can be a great page to set as default.

Phone Number: Make sure this is the best phone number to reach you at. Any phone calls through LeadSimple will route to you here.

There are three types of phone calls LeadSimple will route to this number:

Connect email accounts: Connected emails allow you to send and receive emails through LeadSimple.

Note: Be sure to complete both steps of the email connection. LeadSimple will send a verification email to your email address that you must attend to in order to complete the connection.

Add your primary email and any others you would like to connect to LeadSimple. Chose email provider and walk through the steps.

Edit Email Signature: You can add text, photos, and videos.

That's it! Your account is set up and ready to use LeadSimple! If you have additional questions, feel free to watch and read through our library of help articles.

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