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Internal Collaboration: Notes and @Mentions
Internal Collaboration: Notes and @Mentions

Learn how to use notes and @mentions to discuss messages with other team members before replying.

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Using Notes for Internal Collaboration in Inbox

Notes allow your team to collaborate with each other on conversations before replying to the client, sharing context and discussing as needed.

Notes allow you to add internal comments on a conversation for additional context and @mention other teammates if you have a question for them or need to bring them into the conversation.

This allows for total documentation around your conversations and for seamless handoffs among the team.

To add a note, click into a conversation in the Inbox and click "Note" in the reply composer window.

You can write your note in this window, including @mentions, lists, links, images, and videos.

Once you save your note, it will appear in the thread above.

If you want to edit the note later or delete it, you can edit it by hovering over the task and clicking the pencil icon or delete it by clicking the trash can icon on the right hand side.

If you @mention another user, they will receive an email notifying them and they will see a notification in their notification center within LeadSimple.

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