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Learn how to add quick reply templates to Inbox so you can reply to common questions quickly.

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Have you ever had to answer the same question from multiple different clients?

If you've managed inbound communications very long, you've likely seen a lot of the same types of questions come through. Every company will see their own common trends: questions and scenarios that recur again and again.

However, even though these common questions will come up often, there's no need to spend the time to write the same answer over and over!

Instead, use Quick Replies to make responding to those common scenarios take no time at all.

What are Quick Replies?

Quick Replies are templates that can be used when replying via email or text in the Inbox.

Just like pipeline and process email templates, quick replies can include links, formatting, images, and embedded videos.

Unlike pipeline and process templates, quick replies can be used for either email or text responses in the Inbox.

What's the difference between Quick Replies and Templates?

Use Email and Text Templates in Pipelines and Process types specifically for the standardized outbound emails and texts you send out as part of your processes.

Use Quick Replies in Inbox for replies to inbound emails and texts from customers. While email and text templates are more formal, quick replies can be used for anything from simply inserting a video, a link to a page on your website, emojis πŸ˜„ or a more detailed written reply.

How do I add my own Quick Replies?

To add your own Quick Replies, you'll need to navigate to the Inbox Settings.

To do this, either:

  1. Click into the Inbox in the lefthand sidebar and then click the gear icon in the top right.

2. OR you can click "Settings" in the lefthand sidebar, and then click "Inbox Settings".

In the settings page that appears, click the "Quick Reply" tab in the lefthand sidebar.

Then, click the "Add Quick Reply" button in the top right.

In the window that appears, write up your template (don't forget to give it an easily recognizable name!) and hit save.

Now your new Quick Reply will show up in the list and be available for use in the Inbox!

How do I use Quick Replies?

Now that we've added a Quick Reply, let's go take a look at how to use them when replying to conversations in the Inbox.

First, you'll need to click into a conversation in the Inbox.

You'll notice the composer box on the bottom half of the page. In the editor bar along the bottom, click the Quick Reply button on the far left.

The Inbox will search for your quick replies and pull up the list of all of your quick replies.

🚨 KEYBOARD SHORTCUT ALERT 🚨 If you like keyboard shortcuts, just type the / key inside the reply box and type to search for a quick reply. Use the arrow keys to select a quick reply and hit "enter" to insert it.

Click on the reply you want to use and it will be added to your email, where you can edit it as needed before sending.

You can also add a new Quick Reply directly from this page by clicking the "+" icon, or you can select the text of the reply you just wrote and click the quick reply button to create it from there. It's just simple!

And there you have it! That's how to create and utilize Quick Replies in the Inbox to save you time when responding to typical and common questions that arise.

If you have any additional questions, reach out via the chat box here or in LeadSimple and we'll be happy to help you out.

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