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Search for emails, calls & texts (with Inbox)
Search for emails, calls & texts (with Inbox)

Learn how to search your conversations in Inbox

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Do you use LeadSimple Inbox? Use our advanced search options to find conversations quickly. Don't use Inbox yet? Contact our sales team to get set up!

Need to find a conversation you had with an owner last week? Find it in seconds using Inbox search. πŸ”

Where do I find search?

How do I use it?

It's simple!

  1. Click the search box to start typing your search term.

  2. Or, click the icon on the right-hand side of the search bar to open the Advanced search options

  3. Wait a second for results to show in real time, or hit "enter" to show all results.

Search Options

You have a LOT of search options at your disposal to find the conversations you're looking for.

  • Keyword - type any keyword in the search box to find conversations that contain that keyword

  • Contact - type the name of a specific Contact to find all conversations with that Contact

  • Property - type the address of a specific Property to find all the conversations about that Property

  • From - the email address or phone number the message was sent from

  • To - the email address or phone number the message was sent to

  • Subject - search for keywords that are in the subject line specifically

  • Body - search for keywords that are in the body of the message, specifically

  • Date Range - search for conversations that have messages in a specified timeframe

  • Has attachment - search for conversations that contain messages with attachments

Search Results

Note that Inbox keyword search sorts results by relevance to the search term, or the best match to your search, rather than date.

The more detailed your search term the more likely the specific conversation you're looking for will be at the top. If you're having a hard time finding a conversation, add more detail to your search. (The search doesn't have to be exactly as it appears in the message. Example: "rent increase John" will bring up conversations that mention rent increases and have a contact or message with the name of John.)

Applying Tag & Inbox Filters to Search

If you're still trying to find the conversation after using the options above, you can filter the search results by specific Inbox, tag, and assignment using the Views and Filters in the left-hand sidebar.

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