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Connecting Leads & Processes to Conversations for Additional Context
Connecting Leads & Processes to Conversations for Additional Context

Learn how and why to connect leads and processes to your conversations in Inbox.

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Typically, conversations with clients do not occur within a vacuum. They are nearly always related to a property, deal, or process.

That means that there is always additional context to the conversation that is important to understand.

However, when your softwares and systems are separate, that additional context about the property or any currently active processes could be anywhere, making it challenging to track down.

In LeadSimple's Inbox however, the additional context can be found easily, as all past conversations and past and current processes are available right there!

That said, deals and any processes that the message is tracked on will be automatically added to the righthand sidebar of inbound conversations from that contact.

Simply click on the process to be taken to the process' page to see all additional context on that process.

You can also add related processes and leads manually (by clicking on the plus icon and searching for the process) and start processes from conversations.

Similarly, you can click on a contact's name to see all past conversations and communications to and from them (as well as all processes and deals they are connected to!)

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